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Tech firms help upgrade traditional industries
Updated: 2019-08-15    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


A representative of IU Zhongshan introduces the data acquisition instrument developed by his company. [Photo by Xia Shengquan]

On the afternoon of August 7, a group of young programmers of the Innovation & Union Technology Co Ltd, Zhongshan Company (IU Zhongshan) were demonstrating the "Cloud Solutions for Textile Enterprises".

Shi Liangyong, industry director of IU Zhongshan, said, "Our company was founded with the intention of focusing on serving the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries with new industrial internet technologies, providing equipment data acquisition and analysis, enterprise data integration and management, industrial interconnection communication and other related services for the textile and garment industry."

Located in the core zone of Zhongguancun in Beijing, Innovation & Union Technology Co Ltd has set up branches in many provinces and cities across China, providing overall technology solutions for leading customers in mining, textiles, battery manufacturing, and other important industries.

IU Zhongshan was established in March this year, focusing on textile cloud platform building. The company is engaged in providing information and data management platform products such as equipment data cloud, factory operation and maintenance and production management for medium and large-scale textile factories with an annual output value of more than 50 million yuan.

The company is set to break through the transformation barriers of traditional industries with technologies and big data to realize information, automatic and intelligent manufacturing, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading of textile and garment industry, Shi added.

Similar to IU Zhongshan, Guangdong Quansheng Electric Co Ltd has also made great efforts in equipment data acquisition before combining automation and informatization.

Wang Yukai, general manager of Quansheng Electric, sees that 5G technology will greatly promote the development of China's manufacturing industry, improve automation and informatization level, change the industrial ecology, and enable the traditional industry to be more profitable during transformation and upgrading.

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