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Zhongshan builds China's first large cryogenic refrigeration equipment manufacture base
Updated: 2019-08-19    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


Large cryogenic refrigeration equipment production workshop of Fullcryo Zhongshan. [Photo provided to Zhongshan Daily]

"The integration and debugging of the system are expected to be completed in late August," said Wang Xin, deputy general manager of Fullcryo (Zhongshan) Cryogenic Equipment Manufacturing Co Ltd, adding that the first batch of high purity helium extracted through BOG (boil-off gas) will be produced in the company.  

Sinoscience Fullcryo established its Zhongshan branch 2 years ago. Fullcryo Zhongshan has carried out a lot of preliminary work relating to the transformation of science and technological achievements. The company finally enters the industrialization stage this year.

"Large cryogenic refrigeration equipment has a broad market. Constantly dominated by foreign companies in this industry, all of China's early helium was brought in from foreign countries", Wang Xin said. Compared with 2017 when all domestic consumed helium was imported from abroad, the BOG cryogenic helium extraction equipment, a current efficient method for resource development researched and developed by Sinoscience Fullcryo, has enabled China to be self-sufficient in helium resource.

The large cryogenic liquefying helium equipment and helium refrigeration machine system below the 20K temperature zone developed and manufactured by the company, has met the needs of various major scientific engineering projects, thus breaking the monopoly of foreign products and technologies.

According to statistics, China's helium consumptionin in 2017 stood at about 20 million Nm³. It is estimated that China's helium and liquid helium market will be close to a scale of 10 billion yuan by 2020.

"The core technological team of our company is composed of members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and national researchers," said Wang Xin, adding that China's first demonstration project to extract high purity helium from natural gas and BOG has initiated its manufacturing and integration.

Fullcryo Zhongshan, established in August 2017 in Tsuihang New District, is committed to developing and producing large cryogenic refrigeration equipment for helium energy, hydrogen energy and major scientific engineering projects.

At present, as the first domestic and the third international large cryogenic refrigeration equipment manufacturing base with independent intellectual property rights, Sinoscience Fullcryo has been a new high-tech company transforming decades' large cryogenic engineering achievements led by two generations of academicians from the Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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